Divorce parties

We will prepare a private event for you or for your client to let off some steam - an event that will become a milestone in your lives. The divorce party:

  • A wild celebration
  • A great experience that will allow you to forget unpleasant memories
  • We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality
  • We will give you a taste of your new freedom which should be celebrated in an original way.

Milestone in your lives

What can you look forward to? We will prepare your event from start to finish:

  • Gentlemen's party / Ladies' party
  • Specific programme customized according to your preferences
  • Ceremonial cutting of the wedding ring and placing it in a coffin
  • Ceremonial cutting of a divorce cake
  • Burning of the marriage certificate
  • Divorce menu
  • Divorce-themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Themed decorations, festive invitations in the form of divorce announcement cards emphasizing newly discovered freedom
  • We will find out what things you definitely will not miss

Special event

It is time to focus on the next chapter in your life:

  • You can do whatever you want with whomever you want
  • You have more time for your friends and family
  • No one will tell you what to do / what not to do in your home
  • You can kiss whenever / whomever you want
  • You have the opportunity to start again with someone else, with a clean slate
  • Now you know what you are willing / not willing to tolerate in your partner
  • You have a lot to offer

Next chapter in your life